Debbie Scheer is a seasoned professional in auctioneering, emceeing, and public speaking. She calls Colorado home but brings her expertise to events worldwide. Debbie embarked on her journey in comedy over a decade ago, diversifying her skills to include producing comedy/education shows and emceeing events from intimate gatherings to crowds of thousands. Her versatility as an entertainer is evident in her adaptable approach when engaging with audiences.

“Debbie is the most professional, dynamic, results oriented MC and Auctioneer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is kind, supportive, making sure our team was set up for a successful event and ensuring that we were all on the same page to get the results we needed for our organization’s event”

Known for being a highly sought-after emcee and speaker, Debbie's dedication to cultivating audience connections through appropriate humor, combined with her commitment to charitable causes, led her to venture into the world of benefit auctioneering. Graduating from the World Wide College of Auctioneering in 2016, she became a licensed benefit auctioneer and fundraising partner, collaborating with numerous organizations and raising millions of dollars for nonprofits throughout the nation. 

Debbie Scheer is the go-to professional for elevating your event to new heights. Her magnetic presence captivates audiences, infusing purpose, connection, and laughter into any room. Whether delivering impactful presentations, using humor as a gateway to important discussions, effortlessly guiding audiences as an emcee, or strategically partnering in fundraising as a benefit auctioneer, Debbie ensures that events are not only financially successful but also personally rewarding for both organizations and attendees.

“Debbie Scheer is hands down the most dynamic, empathetic, impactful, and engaging auctioneer and MC there is! We have literally changed the date of our fundraiser for the opportunity to work together, that is how critical she is to the success of our biggest night of the year. Debbie knows when to push, when to pull back, and always keeps the audience comfortable and at ease during a paddle raise. After every event we have with Debbie our donors come up to me raving about her approach, her humor, and her stage presence. Beyond the event, Debbie is a joy to work with. I look forward to our phone calls, appreciate her strategic direction, and always walk away with at least a few laughs. Debbie, thank you for being such a bright light for Polite Tumor!”

Hiring Debbie means reducing the stressors that can be part of the event planning process and the actual event, as her dedication and expertise guarantee a smooth and successful experience. Whether she's serving as an emcee, benefit auctioneer, or speaker, Debbie is not just a professional consultant – she's a committed partner determined to ensure your event reaches new heights in both financial success and guest satisfaction.