Debbie Scheer made a name for herself as an emcee and speaker and her commitment to charitable causes led her to become a licensed benefit auctioneer and fundraising partner. Debbie graduated from the World Wide College of Auctioneering in 2016 and since then she has been partnering with wonderful organizations, raising millions of dollars and solidifying her reputation as a highly sought-after auctioneer.

Choosing Debbie Scheer as your partner in fundraising is a strategic and invaluable decision for your event. Debbie's dynamic and engaging style sets her apart as an auctioneer who not only understands the art of fundraising but also knows how to connect with your guests on a personal level. Her ability to create an energetic and compelling atmosphere ensures that bidders are not just participants but active contributors to the success of your cause.

One of Debbie's standout qualities is her unwavering commitment to your organization's mission. She takes the time to thoroughly understand your cause, allowing her to passionately convey its importance to the audience. This personalized approach resonates with potential donors, creating a sense of connection and motivating them to contribute generously. Working with Debbie means having a true partnership with someone who not only understands the non-profit world but also understands that a great event is about creating a financially and emotionally successful event. Debbie wants your guests to leave your event feeling deeply connected to your organization and its mission, feel great about what they contributed, and ready to go out into the community as ambassadors of your organization.

With her background in entertainment and comedy, Debbie deeply understands how to inject appropriate humor and excitement into the fundraising process. Her quick wit and ability to read the room ensure that the fundraising event remains entertaining and engaging for your guests. 

Selecting Debbie Scheer as your auctioneer is more than just securing a skilled professional; it's an investment in the success of your fundraising event. With her passion, charisma, and proven results, Debbie is the ideal choice to guide your audience through an unforgettable fundraising experience and help you achieve your goals.